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Weiner Asked If Photo Is Of Him: "I Wish," "I'm Not Sure"

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) continues his media tour today and appeared on the 9PM ET edition of Rachel Maddow's show on MSNBC. In the interview Maddow asks, in an odd fashion, if Congressman Weiner would like to answer if the lewd photo in question is his:

WEINER: "We don't know for sure. The photo doesn't look familiar to me. A lot of people who have been looking at this stuff on my behalf are cautioning me on -- you know, stuff gets manipulated, you can change a photograph, you can manipulate a photograph, you can doctor a photograph," Weiner said to hedge his denial just in case it is revealed the photo is actually of him, doctored or not.

Weiner goes on to repeat his 'certitude' line from earlier today: "I don't want to say with certitude that maybe it didn't start out being a photograph of mine now looks of something different, or something from another account that got sent to me. I can't say for sure, I don't want to say for certitude."

Maddow, to her credit, didn't let Mr. Weiner spin his way out of this one.

MADDOW: "Is it possible that they started out as a private photo of yours that ended up in the public domain accidentally or at least in a way that you didn't intend?"

WEINER: "It could be or it could have been a photograph that was taken out of context or manipulated or changed in some way so maybe it did, it did -- or maybe it's a photograph that was dropped into an account from somewhere else. I can't say, I don't want to cast this net wider by saying it's someone else, so I'm going to say that I can't say with certitude that it's me or it's not."

In that last exchange, Weiner again hedged. He wouldn't admit it was him, however declined to "cast this net wider" and name someone who could be the suspect. Weiner also opened to the door for a future argument: "It was me, but this photograph was never intended to be sent to young women who I chat with online." Don't discount this theory.

Lastly, what does Rep. Weiner mean when he says "it could have been a photograph that was taken out of context?" How does one take a photograph "out of context?" I thought pictures were worth a thousand words, hence, they speak for themselves. I guess not.

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