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Maddow: FOX News Sells "Grievance, Resentment And Belonging"

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow explains why she thinks people are attracted to FOX News, the number one rated cable news channel. Maddow dismisses the idea of "liberal media" and talks about the "quarter-century" hold that conservatives have had on the media.

"Ask somebody who is a FOX News fan what they think about the fair and balanced slogan? They will use it without irony and criticism because they believe the only place they can get fairness and balance is from FOX that the rest of the media is biased and only FOX is the truth. They're selling their audience, grievance, resentment and belonging. It's really effective. The success of that formula and far-right media made it inevitable that we would get this spectacle of a presidential hopeful overtly proclaiming avoidance of the lame stream media as a central part of her political platform," Maddow said on her Tuesday broadcast.

David Brock, founder of Media Matters, joins the show and talks with Maddow about the influence and insularity of "right-wing media" like FOX News.

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