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"View" Gals Okay With Schultz Using Slut; Walters Jokes Behar "Has Called Me A Slut"

The heavy-hitters on "The View," Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar were all okay with MSNBC's Ed Schultz using the word "slut." In fact, right after Whoopi introduced the segment, the 81-year-old Walters joked about using the word: "I would like to say that Joy Behar on this program has called me a slut."

Behar explained why she is okay with the word being used and how she, her colleagues and female friends use the term 'slut' very loosely. Whoopi Goldberg, who educated us on the difference between 'rape' and 'rape-rape,' is absolutely okay with a man referring to a woman as a slut too. Transcript:

SHERRI SHEPHERD, CO-HOST: " ... don't you think there's a difference when a woman is calling another woman a slut versus a man, because he's attacking her.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: No. Slut is slut.

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