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Herman Cain Announces: "We're Going To Take Our Country Back"

"I'm not running for second," Herman Cain (R) said at his presidential campaign announcement in Atlanta, GA on Saturday afternoon. Cain said he estimated the crowd to be at least 15,000 large.

Cain gave a wide ranging campaign speech on the economy, entitlements, energy and immigration.

"We have a nation of crisis," Mr. Cain said. Cain said we have a moral, economic and entitlement crisis.

"Look at the facts, don't look at the rhetoric," he said. "The stuff is not working, it's not working."

"Hope and change is not a new job or a new business or a new vision," Cain said at his rally.

"Is America ready for a real leader, not a reader?" Cain asked a raucous crowd.

"We will be our own best customer," Cain said about President Obama providing money to Brazil for oil and energy exploration.

"I know you don't throw your friends under the bus," Cain said about foreign policy, making a reference to Israel.

"We can take this entitlement society to an empowerment society," Cain told his friendly audience. "We can become an empowerment society with our new vision."

"We don't need to rewrite, let's reread," Cain said about the Constitution.

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