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Trump Goes Off On CNBC After Confronted About Taking His Name Off Property

Donald Trump is being sued by nearly 300 investors after he took a name off a property they were investing in. The group thought it was his property, however it turns out he was just loaning his name reports the NY Times.

Trump was asked about today on CNBC and the rest is history. Highlights of the on-air "Dean scream" as described by Business Insider:

0:10 Trump says Mr. Barber (the New York Times reporter) "didn't have the guts to go on" CNBC.
0:55 Mark Haines, CNBC, points out where the article says "my latest development" is mentioned in promotional materials. Trump rebuffs, saying the document people signed points out that he licensed his name, not that he developed the properties.
3:10 Trump says, "Hello Simon, whoever you are Simon. Simon, the market collapsed, you may not have heard about that. So thousands of buildings all over the United States had difficulties, so you probably heard about that somewhere along the line. That's what happened Simon."
4:30 Trump says he did investors "a favor."

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