April 22, 2011 Archives

April 22, 2011 Archives

2012 GOP Candidate Gary Johnson: "I Support Gay Unions"

Fmr. Gov. Gary Johnson (R-NM) says if we can go to the moon, we can balance the budget. ABC's Rick Klein and Amy Walter talk to the first official GOP candidate for president.

"Hannity" Media Bias Special: The Invisible Narrative

Hannity: How the mainstream media's double standards have shaped American politics.

GOP Senator Susan Collins Opposes Rep. Ryan's Budget Plan

"I don't happen to support Congressman Ryan's plan," Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said. "At least he had the courage to put forth a plan to significantly reduce the debt." (source: WCSH-TV; Portland, Maine)

GOP Nevada Sen. John Ensign Announces Resignation

Nevada Sen. John Ensign (R) announced he will resign amid an ethics investigation. He said he has not violated any laws or rules, but said he could no longer subject his family, friends and constituents to further investigations.

Geithner Talks Credit Rating, "Enforceable Limits" On Deficit Reduction

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner discusses the U.S. budget deficit. Geithner, speaking with Peter Cook on Bloomberg Television's "In the Loop," also discusses banking regulation and the European debt crisis. (Source: Bloomberg)

Federal Agents Told To Reduce Border Arrests?

Officials ordered to stop arrests of illegal immigrants entering U.S.

Obama: We Can't Tell The Rich To Relax And Count Their Money

"I believe that we can't ask everybody to sacrifice and then tell the wealthiest among us, well, you can just relax and go count your money, and don't worry about it. We're not going to ask anything of you," President Obama said in Reno, NV.

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal Army Training Video Revealed

The Rachel Maddow Show investigates an embarrassing video that seemed intended to train soldiers on the implementation of the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” repeal.

Rep. Bachmann: People Are Ready To Make Obama One-Term President

"People are ready to make sure that we have a one-term President in Barack Obama, they want a change," Rep. Bachmann (R-Minn.) said about her possible presidential run. (via Cubachi)

Peggy Noonan On NYT Poll: Right/Track Are Cultural Indicators

Former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan says the latest NYT poll reflects the fact that in Washington, they are trying to get serious about the debt crisis. However, she says people realize there is not going to be a deal.

Sen. McCain On Libyan Rebels: "They Are My Heroes"

"They are my heroes," Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said of the rebels as he walked out of a Benghazi, Libya hotel. A few Libyans waved American flags as his vehicle drove past.

Rep. Allen West: "Truth Needs To Be Said" About Obama's Arrogance

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) says Obama's speech on the debt and deficit last week was "beneath the statesmanship" that the President should show.

Cavuto To Obama: "The Onus Is On You To Lead"

Neil Cavuto: If you're truly sick of politics as usual, try something unusual.

O'Reilly: President Obama And Rendering To The Poor

Bill O'Reilly: The president is not asking for voluntary charity, he wants to mandate it through higher taxes on the rich.

Cynthia Tucker: Problem With GOP Is They're Waiting For New Reagan

Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Deroy Murdock of the National Review share their thoughts on why Republican voters don’t have a lot of enthusiasm for their presidential candidates.

Fineman: Birtherism Only Issue To Keep Republicans In The Tent

Liberal political analyst Howard Fineman on the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll.

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