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Maher: Obama Spent Money To Get Us Out The Hole That "A**hole" Bush Dug

Bill Maher comments on debt from FDR to today, highlighting that it increased during the Reagan and Bush 41 era. However, he omits the steep incline during the first two years of the Obama administration. When former RNC Chairman Michael Steele pointed this out, Bill Maher excused President Obama's spending and said it was for digging us out of the hole that "asshole" Bush left us.

Steele said that all entitlements and defense spending must be on the chopping block. Schultz disagreed while making a shock admission.

"You put everything on the table, if you want to get to the zero-dollar as quickly as possible, but the American people don't want that," Schultz said. He made the point that putting everything on the table would get us out of debt quicker, but says the American people do not want that.

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