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Herman Cain On Muslims In Government: "I Don't Want .. To Be Looking Over My Shoulder"

HERMAN CAIN: “If you take an oath [of office] on the Qur'an [as Representative Keith Ellison of MN did], that means you support Sharia law. I support American law. Our laws were derived from principles that are biblically based. Maybe not said in the same words that are in the Bible, but our laws are derived from principles based upon the Bible. This is why I’m not going to back down or pander to anyone who wants to call me xenophobic or a bigot simply because I said no. I don’t want anybody in my administration that I’m going to have to be looking over my shoulder to figure out if they are going to try to do something against the principles that I believe in which are also the principles that the majority, the overwhelming majority of the American people believe.”

(SOURCE: Laura Ingraham Show, 4/5/2011)

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