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Chris Matthews: "American People Deserve To Know Why We're At War"

"Well, that's one question's where there is going to be one heck of an answer because I want to know, a lot of people want to know what are we doing in Libya? Are we going in there to kill Gaddafi? If not, what is the plan for Gaddafi? What is he to do? If you were Gaddafi what would you do? We're going in there with a so called no-fly zone but it seems to have a limited potential for fire power. We're now going after his command and control center, which is basically him. So what's he to do? Are we offering him an escape from the country? Is he going to get safe passage out of the country? What's his end game? What end game are we forcing him to? I wish I knew this. War is politics by other means; what are the politics of this war?Certainly in the short run it's to protect lives of people who would be killed in a slaughter of civilians in Benghazi and other places held by the rebels. What is the end game with our military involvement here? I hope the American people keep asking that. What are we trying to accomplish here? The news reporting has been unsatisfactory in that regard. I don't know if you -- we're even asking the right questions. What do we want to do with Gaddafi? What do we want Gaddafi to do with Gaddafi -- to end this? Because it seems to me it's not going to end until he's gone. Therefore, how are we going to get to that point?," Chris Matthews pondered on MSNBC this afternoon.

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