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Runaway Wis. Dem Drove Back As Fast As He Could To Stop GOP

Before the Wisconsin State Senate separated collective bargaining rights for public unions from their budget bill and passed it, a Democratic State Senator on the lam said he "drove 80 miles per hour in order to try to get back to do something" about it. However, he was unable to get back to the Capitol since he, along with the 13 other Democrats in Wisconsin's state Senate, are currently hiding in Illinois.

Relevant transcript below:

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL, MSNBC HOST: Senator Larson (D-Wis), as soon as you heard about this plan, you actually started driving back to Wisconsin right away?

STATE SEN. LARSON (D-WIS.): I did. I was trying to see if there was something we could do, anything, in order to try and stop this, but it was pretty obvious they didn't want to have anything to do with that. They didn't want the Democrats there. We thought we were talking, we thought we were having good discussions, we thought we were on our way to having a compromise that would preserve workers' rights, remove some of the bad things from this Trojan Horse bill and get something through that the people of Wisconsin could agree with and find a compromise with. That seemed to have been an affront. It seemed to have been a trick again on their part. If they wanted us back, they could have had us back. This was something where they intentionally deceived us.

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