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Matthews On Handling Of Egypt: "I Feel Ashamed As An American"

CHRIS MATTHEWS: "What was our plan for transition for our friend? Did we ever talk to him about it, encourage him? That's my view; character and planning. I feel shame about this. I feel ashamed as an American, the way we're doing this. I know he has the change. I know we're for democracy, but the way we've handled it is not the way a friend handles the matter. We're not handling it the way Americans should handle matters like this. I don't feel right about it. And Barack Obama, as much I support him in many ways, there is a transactional quality to the guy that is chilling. I believe in relationships. I think we all do. Relationship politics is what we were brought up with in this country. You treat your friends a certain way. You're loyal to them. And When they're wrong, you try to be with them, you try to stick with them."

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