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Krauthammer: Democratic Outcome In Egypt Is Far From Inevitable

Charles Krauthammer: "Look, everybody would like to have a democratic outcome, but you have to be a child to believe that it is an inevitable outcome of this revolution. You have to be a wild-eyed optimist to believe that it is even the most likely outcome.

People say, 'Well, the revolution is broad-based.' Of course it is. So was the French and the Russian and the Iranian. We saw in the Iranian revolution, the shah was always opposed by the mullahs. The revolution succeeded when the merchants came against him, and the students and the housewives and the secularists. And then who ended up in charge? Who hijacked the revolution? The most disciplined, ideologically united, ruthless element - the Islamists.

That's the danger in Egypt. And that's why it's important that there be a transition here that is not out of control. What we have to see happen, or hope, or help to happen, is that the military - which is a respected institution - stays in control. It doesn't matter if it's Mubarak - likely not him - or Suleiman or another that the army will trust. But that the army becomes the guardian of the state. It arranges for six months, eight months, preparation for an open, fair election, which will allow the democrats in Egypt - who are now unorganized, disorganized, disunited - to be able to put up opposition against the Muslim Brotherhood, who are ruthless, organized and ready."

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