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CBS' Stahl On Boehner Crying: "What Set You Off This Time?" ... "He Cries All The Time?"

After his wife told CBS' Leslie Stahl how much of a journey it has been for the family that her husband John Boehner went from nighttime janitor to Speaker of the House, the Congressman began to cry.

"You know what's happening over here," Stahl said, pointing at Boehner while tears begin to form.

"What set you off that time," a perplexed Stahl quizzed Boehner. "He cries all the time?" Stahl asked in complete wonderment.

"He's gone from mopping this floor (points to floor) to being Speaker of the House," Stahl said while Boehner was holding back tears.

"Welcome to America," a tearful Boehner replied to Leslie Stahl's bedazzlement of his tendency to cry while speaking about achieving the "American dream."

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