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Limbaugh: What Is With This "Obama Is Letting Us Keep" Money Stuff?

Rush Limbaugh says the media is "creating this image" that the tax cuts are government money that they are being generous and letting us keep. He responds to the report about the tax cut compromise from ABC's Jake Tapper. Rush asks "what is wrong with saving your money?"

Limbaugh uses a clip of NBC's "F. Chuck Todd" getting in a "fit" that the government is losing money. "How much is this going to cost the government in lost revenue," Todd wondered on last night's NBC News.

"These people pay no attention to election results," Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh also responds to Joe Scarborough's comment that tax cuts are "income redistribution" to the rich. "Who are we taking the money from, Joe?" Limbaugh rhetorically asks.

Limbaugh warns Scarborough that he is spending too much time around Chuck Todd.

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