November 12, 2010 Archives

November 12, 2010 Archives

Murkowski On Ballots: "People Did What They Were Supposed To Do"

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) is confident about winning her write-in campaign for Senate.

Speaker Pelosi: "We Didn't Lose Because Of Me"

"Well, let me say this when you say more than it already has. The reason the election results are what they are is because we have nine-and-half percent unemployment in our country. We didn't lose the election because of me," Outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi told NPR.

Gergen: Obama Had A "Really Bad" Day

CNN Senior Analyst David Gergen reviews President Obama's overseas trip and looks at what's waiting for him at home.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: Rush Limbaugh "Abusing" First Amendment

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) accuses Rush Limbaugh of racial undertones and "abusing" his first amendment rights.

Sen. Inhofe Explains "Phony Issue" Of Eliminating Earmarks

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) defends position of not banning earmarks. Inhofe makes the case that if Congress doesn't spend the money, it doesn't simply go away. He says if Congress does not allocate the money, it goes back to President Obama to decide. FOX News' Neil Cavuto asks Inhofe where is it in the Constitution that earmarks is specific

Meet Bobby Jindal: Possible 2012 Presidential Candidate

Rising Republican star Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-Louisiana) on whether he'll reach for the stars.

Malkin: Pelosi Keeping DREAM Act Alive

Speaker Pelsoi pushing for lame-duck vote on act that helps illegal immigrants? Columnist Michelle Malkin discusses.

Scarborough: Senate Dems Say Obama Doesn't Know What He's Doing

Scarborough: They say "can you believe what he's doing, today."

Obama: "Speaker Pelosi Has Been An Outstanding Partner"

BARACK OBAMA in South Korea: I think Speaker Pelosi has been an outstanding partner for me. I think (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid has been a terrific partner in moving some very difficult legislation forward. And I'm looking forward to working with the entire leadership team to continue to make progress on the issues that are important to

Obama Faces Criticism For Slow Job Growth

World leaders and Americans aren't please with the slow economic recovery.

Rep. Schock: Americans Should Judge Debt Ideas

Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) joins the Morning Joe gang to discuss the preliminary recommendations of the White House commission on reducing federal debt.

Krauthammer On Fed Devaluing U.S. Dollar

Dr. Charles Krauthammer and the "Special Report" panel on the devaluing of the U.S. dollar. "What we have essentially done is reduce the value of the dollar," Krauthammer said.

Matthews: Nations Must Mind Debt Like Borders

MSNBC: Hardball’s Chris Matthews explains why the government needs to take control of its debt just as it would its borders.

Ziegler Talks Bias Against Palin To Parker/Spitzer

Filmmaker John Ziegler talks about what he sees as media bias against Sarah Palin.

Olbermann: Tax Troubles At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Keith Olbermann and Pollster Stan Greenberg explains the consequences of the Democrats’ decision to wait until after Election Day to make a negotiate on the Bush tax cuts.

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