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Palin: "We Are An Exceptional Country And That Is Nothing To Apologize For"

"We asked for leaders who will recognize our foundation that America is -- the idea of America is being the most generous country on earth, the most prosperous, the safest county. That we are united under God, we are an exceptional country and that is nothing to apology for. Our America, we do not seek its fundamental transformation. We seek it's restoration; all that is good and strong and free in America. There is no alternative and it's nothing to apologize for. We've got a president today who's getting pretty good at apologizing," Sarah Palin said in Anaheim, California on Saturday.

PALIN to OBAMA: "All those shovel ready jobs, remember? Actually, just apologize for the stimulus itself and make a joint apology because you don't want to leave out Harry, Nancy and Barbara and all of the others who were part of that lemon of a spending boondoggle. The biggest boondoggle in spending history. Really folks, what did taxpayers get with that trillion bucks besides more debt?"

PALIN on shovel-ready jobs: "Now we know all along, what they really were shoveling was not asphalt," she quipped.

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