October 15, 2010 Archives

October 15, 2010 Archives

Rep. Alan Grayson Upset Over "Negative" GOP Attacks On Him

"I can't believe it myself. I mean, I'm a first-term Democrat. I don't sit on the appropriations committee. I'm not a member of leadership and they're really, really out to get me," Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) said on MSNBC. Rep. Grayson is offended that his children has watched politicians and ads on television attack him. Grayson, howe

Biden: Obama Has A "Brain Bigger Than His Skull"

Vice President Biden says President Obama has a "brain bigger than his skull and a heart to match both" at a rally for Chris Coons (D-DE). VIDEO: Obama: "Best Decision" I Have Made Is Selecting Biden As Runn

Clyburn: Reelect Democrats And We Might Bring Up Public Option

"Reelect me, keep Democrats on the field. And when we come back next year, maybe we will get to the public option," Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) said on the "Tom Joyner" show.

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Hate Business, Love Government

"Big government is defrauding people left and right," Rush Limbaugh said in a commentary on government scams.

Pelosi Won't Debate Opponent Because "Time Is Money"

"Whether I get a bigger majority in my district or not is not the point. What is important to me is, is to get a bigger majority in the Congress of the United States," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said at Microsoft.

Matthews: Attacks On Obama Are "Tribal"

"It's tribal. It's just our group out here won't like them at all as people, so anything goes," MSNBC's Chris Matthews says about Sarah Palin's attack on Michelle Obama.

Daschle: People "Don't Fully Appreciate" Health Care Reform

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell asks Fmr. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) if health care reform is such a good thing why is it an "albatross" around the neck of the White House? Daschle says the people of Nevada will eventually "appreciate" what Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) has done for the state and is confident he will be reelected.

Michael Steele Responds To Campaign Cash Controversy

DNC's Tim Kaine blasts campaign fundraising and compares it to Watergate. "I'm tired of Democrats making these accusations, put the truth on the table," RNC Chairman Michael Steele tells Kaine.

DNC's Kaine Compares Chamber Of Commerce Money To "Watergate"

"Watergate was a scandal that involved a number of things including campaign financing that was being done with dollars bills in sacks handed over to the committee to reelect the president,” DNC Chairman Tim Kaine said. "And the Republicans have made, I believe, a concerted effort to divert as much campaign funding as they can into non-re

Dylan Ratigan: "We Are Not At War With Islam"

MSNBC: Joining the Morning Joe gang to discuss Bill O'Reilly's contentious appearance on "The View," msnbc's Dylan Ratigan opines on the fallacy of America's "War with Islam," calling it an "extraordinary failure of our politicians and our media."

Sen. Murray Claims She Read 2,600 Page Health Care Bill

A questioner asked Murray “How much of the 2,600-page legislation did you actually read?” – referring to the health care bill Congress passed this year. “Not only did I read it – but I helped write it,” Murray replied confidently.

From The Grave: Fmr. Sen. Ted Stevens Endorses Murkowski

Sen. Ted Stevens: "I trust Lisa and her commitment to keep fighting for us. She is working for Alaska every single day. We need Lisa and the seniority she's earned now more than ever."

Harry Reid: Angle Would Have Opposed Emancipation Proclamation

HARRY REID: "She wants to abolish social security, get rid of Medicare, she believes it's unconstitutional, do away with the Department of Education, Department of Energy. She thinks that all Presidential proclamations -- executive orders are unconstitutional -- like the Emancipation Proclamation."

Matthews' "Lean Forward" Promo Shows Him Being Pampered

This is Chris Matthews' promo for MSNBC's new slogan "Lean Forward."

Maddow: Chamber Of Commerce Promotes Outsourcing Jobs

MSNBC: Rachel Maddow reveals the history of the Chamber of Commerce advocating the business benefits of outsourcing American jobs even as they spend millions of dollars accusing Democratic candidates of doing the same.

Krauthammer On Taliban Planning Attack On USA

"I believe them now and I believed them in the Bush years," Dr. Charles Krauthammer said about terror alerts.

O'Reilly: President Obama, Muslims, "The View" Ladies And Me

Bill O'Reilly: I am not in the business of sugar-coating harsh realities. This program states the truth as I see it.

Olbermann: Follow The Chamber's Money Trail

MSNBC: After DNC Chairman Tim Kaine compared the “plot to buy America” to Watergate, Glenn Beck continued his defense of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and pledged a donation of $10,000. Think Progress’ Faiz Shakir discusses. (Countdown)

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