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October 14, 2010 Archives

CO-Sen: Buck Ad: "They Will Ignore Us No More"
WI-7: DCCC Ad Hits Duffy: "Criminals Had It Easy"
Gibbs: "I Don't Know What The Participants Will Ask" At MTV Town Hall
NM-Gov: Martinez Ad: "Denish Crossed The Line"
PA-Gov: Onorato Ad Hits Corbett Over Unemployment Comments
Rising Republican Stars Stump for GOP
Harry Reid: Can't Do Away With "Freddie Mae And Freddie Mac"
Harry Reid Calls Department Of Education, "Department Of Energy"
PA-Sen: "Lifelong Democrat" Backs Toomey In Ad
VT-Gov: Shumlin Ad: Views On Abortion Matter "A Lot"
VT-Gov: RGA Ad: "Brian Dubie Will Make Us Proud"
NY-4: McCarthy Ad: "Local Jobs"
NV-Sen: Reid Ad Hits Angle On Health Insurance Mandates
Watch Live: Harry Reid And Sharron Angle Debate
Gibbs On Clinton's Popularity: He Doesn't Have The Day Job Of The Presidency
Harry Reid Now: "The Surge Worked"
Sharron Angle: "Man Up, Harry Reid"
Matthews: "My Problem With Cheney Is The 64,000 People Killed" In Iraq
Rep. Clyburn: Black Vote Will Be "Secret Weapon" For Democrats
MTV Town Hall Questioner To Obama: "Why Should We Still Support You?"
Obama On Being Labeled A "Communist": "We've Got To Stop The Name Calling"
Limbaugh: Liberals Are "Becoming Unhinged" Over Power Loss
Obama: Racial Tensions Get Worse "When Economic Times Are Tough"
WH: Not Surprising That Michelle Would Push Husband's Agenda
Whoopi, Joy Behar Walk Off Set During O'Reilly Interview Over Mosque
Neal Boortz On The "Moocher Class"
Obama: Blacks Probably Don't Watch "Meet The Press"
Rachel Maddow: It's Not Safe To "Come Out"
Ahmadinejad To Hezbollah: "Bring Defeat To The Zionists"
AK-Sen: Miller's Old Spice-Style Ad: "Hello Voters"
Karl Rove On Midterm Roadblocks For GOP
Sen. Barrasso On Foreign Funds Accusation: WH Is "Desperate"
MSNBC's Matthews: Tea Party Miners Would Have Killed Each Other
DNC Ad: Obama To Youth: "Make History Again"
Krauthammer: Obama's Problems Are Based On Substance, Not Appearances
Countdown: Chamber Enables Foreign Influence On U.S. Elections
Matthews: Why We Should Care About Foreign Cash In Elections
O'Reilly: Dirtiest Campaign Trick We've Seen So Far

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