October 12, 2010 Archives

October 12, 2010 Archives

Obama: "I Really Need You To Get Out On November 2nd"

"You guys give me confidence. You guys give me hope, but I really need you to get out on November 2nd because if all of you vote I promise we're going to do just great," President Obama told a friendly audience at George Washington University.

Jerry Brown On "Whore" Recording: "Not Even Sure It's Legal"

Jerry Brown (D-CA), candidate for governor, apologizes for his campaigning calling Meg Whitman (R-CA) a whore. Brown is "sorry it happened" but questioned the legality of the recording. He also dismissed the recording as a "five week old private conversation."

Dem: "My Constituents Don't Want A Liberal Running The House"

Rep. Bobby Bright (D-Alabama) says his constituents don't "want a liberal running the House." Bright says "they want a conservative."

Gibbs: Chamber Should Release Donors In "Spirit" Of Disclosure

CBS' Mark Knoller reminds White House press secretary Robert Gibbs that the Chamber of Commerce is abiding by the law. "I think it's important when you don't know - when you don't know who those people are, when you don't know what their agenda is. I think as the president has said that it is a threat very fundamentally to our democracy," Gibbs

CBS' Knoller: Why Doesn't Obama Allow Cameras At Fundraisers?

CBS' Mark Knoller uses White House press secretary's logic to ask why President Obama doesn't allow cameras at fundraisers "in the spirit of openness." NBC's Chuck To

Chamber Of Commerce Responds To Attacks By White House, Dems

Bruce Josten, the Executive VP of Government Affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, appears on FOX News to respond to claims by the White House and Democrats that the group is using foreign money to run ads against their party. Josten says the Chamber does not solicit any foreign groups for funding of their "issue advocacy" ads. Josten says t

Rep. Van Hollen: Chamber Of Commerce Trying "To Buy Elections"

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) denies the DCCC is pulling out of many House races. "We're not writing off any seats," he tells MSNBC. "Let me say this. What we are seeing is tens of millions of dollars of money from the shadowy special interest groups, secret money being dumped into campaigns around the country and it is a wake-up call to every vo

Gibbs: Chamber "Has Something To Hide," Rovian Trick

"If there are organizations raising tens of millions who will not tell us their donors, my guess is they have a reason -- because they have something to hide," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said.

Jon Stewart Makes Fun Of MSNBC's New Slogan

Jon Stewart to MSNBC: "That's what you're bringing against FOX? Yeah, good luck."

ME-Gov: Dem Apologizes For Laughing At Bush "Terrorist" Photo

WLBZ-TV: Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Libby Mitchell is apologizing for a picture of her laughing at a photo of President George W. Bush that was stamped "International Terrorist." Republican Candidate Paul LePage mentioned the photo during a debate Monday night in Bangor. The Maine Republican Party later emailed the picture to a number of

Clinton Heckled At Dem Fundraiser: "Where's Monica?"

Bill Clinton attacks Republicans and eventually gets heckled at a fundraiser for Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY). Clinton says half of the GOP needs "psychiatric help." When he was heckled, Clinton reminded the protester who balanced the budget and told him "you need to listen to me." Clinton is heckled again at the 2:09 mark in the video. The h

DE-Sen: O'Donnell Ad: "Chris Coons Is The Taxman"

Christine O'Donnell ad: "Hide your will, hide your lights, 'cause he's taxing everything out here. Chris Coons is the tax man."

Rush: If O'Donnell Can't Win, Why Is Obama Going To Delaware?

"I also don't buy that Christine O'Donnell is down double digits in Delaware. I don't buy it. A lot of people do. But I don't. I think that Delaware race is a lot closer than anybody thinks right now. I just... I'm sorry. I'm simply voicing my suspicions, which are intelligence guided by experience. I know with whom I am dealing," Rush Lim

Rove Responds To Continued Attacks On Him, His Group

"Why are the president and his people doing this?," Karl Rove asks on FOX News. "They think the American people are so stupid that they are going to be taken in by this," Rove adds. Rove tells Vice President Joe Biden "he better stand corrected."

WA-Sen: Murray: Rossi Wants To "Turn Back The Clock" On Women

Sen. Patty Murray ad: "Can we trust a man who wants to turn back the clock? Dino Rossi voted against insurance companies covering women's contraceptives. He voted against funding for emergency contraceptives. Rossi even voted to deny women unemployment benefits if they were fleeing domestic violence. And Rossi wants to take away a woman's right

MD-Gov: Ehrlich Hits O'Malley Over "Class Warfare"

Fmr. Gov. Bob Ehrlich (R-MD) accuses current Gov. Martin O'Malley (D-MD) of using "class warfare" as a campaign strategy.

WV-Sen: Raese: "Conservative Message Is Resonating"

John Raese (R-WV) on fight for Senate seat, ad flap. Raese responds to attacks by his opponent Gov. Joe Manchin (D-WV).

Joe Miller Tells Press No More Answers Until Election After Attacks

"It came to our attention this weekend that members of the media gained access to my confidential file. It’s a personnel file from the Fairbanks-North Star Borough. It’s a clear violation of law — no question about it. Whoever leaked it, clearly violated the law. It is an outrageous breach of my family’s privacy. This is

Krauthammer: Attack On Chamber Shows "Reptilian Desperation"

Charles Krauthammer: "There's desperation, and then there's reptilian desperation, and this is the reptilian variety. This thing just oozes of slime and innuendo, and it's McCarthyite. You make an accusation that the other side is using foreign funds. You don't have a shred of evidence, and you answer, like Axelrod, 'Well, what'

Countdown: GOP Glosses Over Chamber Of Commerce Issue

Faiz Shakir of ThinkProgress.org talks about the desperate attempt made by the GOP to deny that foreign money is going into the Chamber of Commerce to try to influence the midterms.

O'Reilly: Dems Trying To "Divert Attention Away From The State Of The Union"

Bill O'Reilly on the Democrats' attacks on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Schultz: Paladino Hate-Baiting

An Ed Show panel debates Carl Paladino's anti-gay comments.

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