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Axelrod: U.S. Chamber Of Commerce "A Threat To Our Democracy"

David Axelrod, the White House's Senior Adviser, is ratcheting up the Democrats' attack on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, calling special interest spending "a threat to our democracy."

Axelrod is accusing the Chamber of Commerce of collecting millions of dollars from secret donors - including some foreign sources - to influence the midterm elections in favor of the Republicans, and refusing to disclose their sources.

"This issue of this special interest spending is very important," Axelrod said on CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday. "It's never happened before that organizations are spending this kind of money. And the American people need to ask, 'Why is the oil industry, Wall Street and others spending this kind of money to defeat candidates and elect others in this sort of secretive way?' You know, that is a threat to our democracy."

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