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October 5, 2010 Archives

NY-Sen: DioGuardi Ad: "The American Dream"
KY-Sen: Paul Ad: "Jack Conway's Stamp Of Approval" For Obama
WA-Sen: NRSC Ad: "18 Years Of Reckless Spending"
DE-Sen Ad: The Chris Coons Plan To Change Washington
PA-Sen: DSCC Ad: "Pat Toomey Is Fighting for Jobs in China"
FL-Gov: Sink Ad: "Rick Scott Pleaded the Fifth 75 Times"
FL-Gov: Sink Ad: "Law Enforcement"
IL-17: AFF Ad: "Phil Hare Doesn't Deserve Re-Election"
MA-Gov: Patrick Ad: "Breathing Room"
KY-Sen: DSCC Ad: "Two Thousand Dollars"
NM-Gov: Denish Ad: Colon Says Martinez "Es Una Tejana"
Obama Loses Presidential Seal: "All Of You Know Who I Am"
MN-6: Bachmann Opponent: She's "Not Doing @#%!"
Oliver Stone: Sarah Palin Is A "Moron"
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Is A "Jackass"
Rep. McDermott: Without Food Stamps, US Would Be Terrible
Woodward: Obama/Clinton 2012 Ticket "On The Table"
Biden: "Reports Of The Death Of Democratic Party Have Been Greatly Exaggerated"
Gov. Christie: It Is "Put Up Or Shut Up Time" For GOP
Robinson: GOP Hasn't Made An Effort To Attract Black Voters
CT-Sen Debate: Blumenthal Can't Explain How To Create A Job
Gov. Rendell: Dems Need "To Get Over The Complaining"
RCP's Bevan Discusses Control Of Senate, House
FL-Sen: Crist Ad Slams Rubio On Social Security
NY-Gov: Paladino: Voters Are My "Baseball Bat"
Jon Stewart Responds To Rick Sanchez
Krauthammer: Obama In Trouble If He Has To Go To Madison to Find Friendly Audience
Bill O'Reilly: Political Hit Job Exposed
Olbermann: A Preview Of The Tea Party's America
Matthews: What's At Stake If GOP Wins Midterms

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