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Gov. Christie On Education: "I See This As An Impetus For Change"

"It's paradigm shifting. Don't think about it in terms of the budget because we spend already nearly a billion dollars in Newark a year on public education. What this is, is this money is unrestricted, gives us flexibility to be able do things differently and to try to use that money to force change. And so what I see this as is an impetus for change and a catalyst for change. And that’s what we’re going to use it for. Mark's involvement helps with that. And listen, we’ve been on the offense on this issue, you know since the day I got into office. Cory and I have been talking about it since after my election. And this $100 million, and the money that will l come after that, which we'll have more announcements later today, will be an impetus for that change," Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) says about education spending.

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