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September 23, 2010 Archives

LA-Sen: Vitter Ad Hits Melancon For Fundraising During Oil Spill
CA-Sen: Fiorina Ad Hits Boxer For "Arrogance"
FL-22: West Calls Klein A "Desperate Politician" In Ad
MI-15: Dingell Ad Calls Steele "Wall Street's Yes Man"
MI-15: Steele Ad Says He "Knows An Emergency When He Sees One"
NY-Gov: Cuomo Ad Calls Paladino A "Welfare King"
NV-Sen: Reid Ad: "Angle's Against Making Insurance Companies Cover Colon Cancer Tests"
Israeli Assembly Does Not Attend Obama's UN Address
US Delegation At UN Leaves During Ahmadinejad Speech
Michael Moore To Harry Reid: "Drop And Give Me 20"
Dem Strategist Shrum To Dems: Let Obama "Carry The Message"
Ahmadinejad: US "Orchestrated" 9/11 Due To Failing Economy, Israel
Christie Confronts Heckler: People Like You Are "Dividing This Country"
MSNBC: Lobbyist Wrote GOP's "Pledge To America"
Dorgan: American People Expect And Deserve Better From Both Parties
Boortz To GOP: Forget Social Values, Stick To Attacking Dems
Bolton: Obama's Speech Had Nothing New In It
GOP Pledges To Cut Government, Taxes
Rep. Clyburn: GOP "Pledge" Will Be A "Plague"
Palin: "If Nobody Else Wanted To Step Up" I'd Run For President
Warren Buffet: "We're Still In A Recession"
Rep. Ryan On GOP's Pledge To Cut Taxes And Spending
Obama: GOP Will Cut Funding To AIDS Research
CA-Sen: Fiorina Hits Boxer Over "Senator Ma'am" Incident
Rep. Mike Pence On GOP Releasing "Pledge To America"
Chrysler Autoworkers Caught Drinking Beer, Smoking Pot On Break
Krauthammer: GOP Shouldn't Have Made An Agenda
Jack Welch: Obama Administration Is "Anti-Business"
Countdown Fact Check: FOX News' Relationship With The GOP
Schultz: Dems Need To Tell Citizens "We're Saving Lives"
O'Reilly: Fox News Under Attack Once Again

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