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September 21, 2010 Archives

DE-Sen Ad: O'Donnell "Not Afraid To Stand Up To Party Bosses"
MD-Gov: O'Malley Ad Touts Commitment To Education
MD-Gov: RGA Ad Says O'Malley Is "Moving Maryland Backwards"
NH-Gov: Lynch Ad: "How Can You Trust" John Stephen?
IL-Sen: DSCC Ad Says "The Problem" Is Mark Kirk
OH-16: Renacci Ad: Boccieri Waging "Dirtiest Campaign In Ohio"
OH-16: DCCC Ad: "Used Car Millionaire" Renacci Trying To Raise Taxes
Citizens For The Republic Ad: "Mourning In America"
Obama Warns GOP Groups "Can Spend Without Limit" In Midterms
Christine O'Donnell Laughs Off Maher's Threat To Release More Tapes
Reid And Durbin Hold Rhetorical Q&A Session Over DREAM Act
Maher: "I Wish" Obama Was More Like Jimmy Carter
Obama: "Mexicans" Were Here "Long Before America Was Even An Idea"
Sen. DeMint: Entire GOP Is "United"
Palin Declares Tea Party As "The Future Of Politics"
Sen. Boxer Explains How DREAM Act Can Lead To "Legalized Status"
Kaine To Democrats: "Be Proud Of It, Be A Happy Warrior"
White House: Michelle Obama A "Popular Ask" On Campaign Trail
GOP Congressman: Reagan Would Have "Tough Time" As Republican Today
Hayworth: "Vote Democrat, It Could Always Be Worse"
Bill Clinton Pleads With Voters: "I'll Be On The Ballot, Too"
"Exhausted" Defender Hoped For "Whimsical" And "Magical" Response From Obama
Sen. Sessions Blasts "Controversial" DREAM Act
DE-Sen: DSCC Ad: O'Donnell "Financially Completely Irresponsible"
DE-Sen: Coons Says "My First Vote Would Be For Harry Reid"
O'Reilly: President Obama Takes On The Tea Party
Matthews: Townhall Showcases Obama At His Best
McAuliffe: People Want To Vent To President
Olbermann: Democrats Can Use O'Donnell's Witchcraft To Their Advantage
Krauthammer: Obama Either "Delusional" Or "Supremely Cynical"
Bristol Palin Premiers On "Dancing With The Stars"

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