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September 20, 2010 Archives

Obama Responds To "Exhausted" Woman
Obama: Stimulus Worked But Recovery Slow
MD-Gov: Ehrlich On The "Roadmap To 2020"
FL-Sen: Crist Goes After Rubio In New Ad
NH-Sen: Hodes Ad: "You Deserve A Senator Who's a Real Fiscal Conservative"
IL-10: NRCC Ad Attacks Seals For Support Of Health Care Bill
IL-11: NRCC Ad: Halvorson Listens To Nancy Pelosi Instead Of Us
IL-14: NRCC Ad: The Foster Record Is Not Good Enough
CO-Sen: DSCC Ad: "The More You Hear About Ken Buck, The More You Wonder"
Allen West: Democrat Released My Social Security Number
Again: Obama Uses Car, Ditch & Slurpee Metaphor At Sestak Fundraiser
Carter: Obama Inspires "Hope And Ambition"
Gingrich: Obama Has "No Regard" For American Values
Murkowski Uses "Public Service Announcement" For Write-In Campaign
Katrina Vanden Heuvel To Liberals: "Eat, Pray And Then Vote"
Carter: I'm "Probably Superior" To Other Former Presidents
Town Hall Questioner To Obama: "I'm Exhausted Of Defending You"
Mark Levin: Throw Out The Liberals And Obama
Obama: "Even If I Was Purple" People Would Be Frustrated
Rep Weiner: "People Don't Want To Go Back To The Bush Years"
Zuckerman: "We'll Be Lucky To Avoid Another Serious Decline In The Economy"
Obama To Iran: "Door Is Open" For Engagement
Huckabee: Washington GOP Deserves Getting "Spanked"
Pence On 2012 Aspirations: Focus Needs To Be On Midterms
Dem Senator: GOP Waging "Jihad To Keep The Tax Cuts Going"
TX-17: Edwards Ad Touts Independence From Obama, Pelosi
O'Donnell Laughs Off "Witchcraft" Controversy
CNBC Reports: Economic Recession Is Over

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