September 17, 2010 Archives

September 17, 2010 Archives

CA-Sen: Fiorina Ad Criticizes Boxer For Wealth

In a new ad, California Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina's campaign attacks Barbara Boxer for voting for "trillions of dollars in wasteful spending and more than a trillion dollars in higher taxes while Californians pay the price." It also slams her for becoming a millionaire as a senator and paying her family out of her "special-intere

O'Donnell: "They Call Us Whacky And Wingnuts, We Call Us We The People"

"The verdict is in, the small elite don't get us," Christine O'Donnell (R-DE) said at the Value Voters Summit.

Obama Names Warren "Architect" Of Consumer Protection Agency

AP: President Barack Obama has named Wall Street critic Elizabeth Warren to help oversee creation of a new agency to look out for the interests of consumers in their dealings with banks, mortgage companies and other financial institutions. Obama says the agency was Warren's idea so it only makes sense that she be "the architect" working with Tr

AZ-Gov: Goddard Ad: "Is This The Best Arizona Can Do?"

A new ad from Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry Goddard criticizes Gov. Jan Brewer for the state of the economy.

Sheila Jackson Lee: "Obama Has To Let People Know What He Has Done"

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) says President Obama has been too busy working to fix the "cancer" to have time to let people know how he has been doing it.

FL-Sen: Chamber Of Commerce Calls Crist A "Flip-Flopper"

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce slams Florida Gov. and Independent Senate candidate Charlie Crist for being a "flip-flopper."

Gibbs: Palin Dipping Her Toe In 2012 Waters

“It’s normally around this time of year you go to tip your toe in the water, and my guess is, President Obama about this time in 2006 did I think what would be considered a somewhat analogous event,” Gibbs said in his Friday briefing. “My guess is, she's going to dip that toe.”

Press To Obama: "Why Not Submit Her To Confirmation?"

"Why not make her director, Mr. President? Why not submit her to confirmation?," CBS' Mark Knoller asks President Obama after he announced she would oversee a new consumer protection agency.

Rep. Pence: USA's "Social And Cultural Fabric Is Unraveling"

"We have lost respect to the world and we are going broke. Our social and cultural fabric is unraveling," Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) said at the Values Voter Summit.

Bill Clinton: "Give Us Two More Years"

"I understand why you're mad, you have a right to be mad," former President Bill Clinton said.

Eugene Robinson: O'Donnell Has Mastered The "Sarah Palin Affect"

Eugene Robinson: She has mastered what should be called the Sarah Palin Affect -- the perkiness, the folksiness, the religiosity, the occasional flash of bared fangs -- and she performs it well.

O'Donnell On Controversial Past: "My Faith Has Matured"

"Yes, I have my personal beliefs," Christine O'Donnell said when asked about her views. "These are questions from statements I made over 15 years ago. I was in my 20s and very excited and passionate about my newfound faith. But I can assure you, my faith has matured. And when I go to Washington D.C., it will be the Constitution on which I base a

Sen. McCain: "Let's Not Anticipate A Great Victory"

Sen. John McCain has a warning for the GOP as he takes on growing voter anger and cynicism, O'Donnell's upset primary win, taxes, Reid's defense bill and more.

Olbermann: Extreme Tea Party Makeover

As momentum for the Tea Party continues to grow, Glenn Beck is now urging members to stop dressing funny so observers and critics will take them more seriously. The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson discusses.

Cavuto: If You Can't Beat 'Em...

Neil Cavuto on media's tired response to Tea Party

Ed Schultz: The Mission Of The GOP Is To Defeat Obama

An Ed Show panel debates whether Republicans will pay a political price for aligning themselves with the wealthy upper class before midterm elections.

O'Reilly: The Delaware Conundrum

Bill O'Reilly: Some aspects of O'Donnell's personal life have caused some to raise questions.

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