September 9, 2010 Archives

September 9, 2010 Archives

DE-Sen: Sarah Palin Endorses Christine O'Donnell

Sarah Palin endorses Christine O'Donnell (R) over Rep. Mike Castle (R) in the Republican primary for Senate in the state of Delaware. "They are going to say I am spending political capital that I don't have to," Palin said of her endorsement for O'Donnell.

Cavuto: Tax the Rich? We Already Do

Neal Cavuto talks about a confrontation he has with someone who nearly attacked him over the the possibility the "rich" would get their tax breaks extended. Cavuto explains that the media makes you think the rich doesn't pay any taxes, when in fact they pay the most taxes.

FL Pastor Says He Will Cancel Quran Burning Event

Pastor Terry Jones says because the NY mosque Imam has reportedly decided to move the Ground Zero mosque to another location, he will call off his Quran burning event on Saturday. Pastor Jones considers this a "sign from God" to call off the event. UPDATE: NBC News, Reuters reports THERE IS NO DEAL with the Ground Zero mosque Imam.

Rendell: Politicians "Afraid" To Eliminate Tax Cuts For Wealthy

"I think many politicians, Republican and Democratic alike, are afraid to do anything that smacks of a tax increase and yet I think the American people overwhelmingly support elimating tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans," Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA) said.

Colin Powell: "We Must Go Forward" On Ground Zero Mosque

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell favors Ground Zero mosque.

Larry King Replacement Piers Morgan: Obama Has Increased "Reputation Of America"

"I'd love to do President Obama. I like what he's done to the reputation of America abroad, which I'm not sure many Americans fully understand. Bill Clinton, another one," Piers Morgan tells CBS about the people who he would like to interview. Morgan will be replacing Larry King on the 9pm timeslot on CNN.

Gibbs: WH Discussing "Possibility" Of Calling Koran Burning Church

"I think there are discussions inside of the government on the possibility of doing that," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said. Gibbs was responding to a question about talking to the leader of a church in Florida that will burn Korans on September 11th.

Burlingame: Ground Zero Mosque Imam Gave An "Ultimatum"

"When will it end? He will have his embassy on top of Ground Zero and he can continue basically saying, in terms of domestic and foreign policy, 'do what I want, do what we say or the fanatics will take over and make you pay,'" Debra Burlingame of 9/11 Families For A Safe And Strong America said. "This is making a bargain with a devil," she adde

Obama: Dems "Not Going To Do Well" If Election Is Referendum On Economy

"If the election is a referendum on are people satisfied about the economy as it currently is, then we're not going to do well," President Obama said.

Huffington Compares Ground Zero Mosque Opponents To Koran Burning Church

"I think the point [President Obama] could have made is to connect [Koran burning] with the opposition of the mosque," Arianna Huffington said.

CA-Gov: Whitman Features Bill Clinton In New Ad

Meg Whitman uses a clip of former President Bill Clinton in a 1992 presidential debate accusing former Gov. Jerry Brown of raising taxes and leaving California with a deficit. "He doesn't tell the people the truth," Clinton says.

John Bolton On Running For President: "I'm Thinking About It"

Former Ambassador to the UN John Bolton talks about running for president.

Biden: Bush Deserves "A Lot Of Credit" For Iraq

Vice President Joe Biden to Bush: "I've known you for all eight years of your presidency and I've never known a time when you didn't care."

Jon Stewart To DNC's Kaine: "You're In Trouble Dude"

Tim Kaine calls the Democrats the underdog party, despite their control of the Senate, the House and the executive branch.

Matthews: "Heartbeat of Campaign" In Obama's Speech

Hardball's Chris Matthews offers his take on what President Barack Obama said, and really meant, in his partisan speech in Cleveland.

Krauthammer: Obama's Speech And Policies Look Like "Desperation"

Charles Krauthammer: "His speech today, like the policies he's advocating, look like desperation."

O'Reilly On Mosque: "Tolerance Should Swing Both Ways"

Bill O'Reilly on Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf's op-ed in The New York Times.

Schultz: GOP Opposes Obama Because He's A "Black Guy"

"They're against it because you see, 'he's a black guy, he's in the White House, we don't appreciate him, we don't want him, he's not supposed to be there, this is all about power,'" Schultz said. Schultz makes several jokes about "tan man" Rep. Boehner (R-OH) for using a tanning bed.

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