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Gov. Christie Responds To Teacher Claiming He Lambastes Education

Marie Corfield, a teacher at Robert Hunter Elementary School, said she wondered how Christie's reforms would help teachers when she said his budget forced so many of them to be laid off.

"We have some of the best schools in the country," Corfield said. "And you have done nothing but lambaste us."

Christie began to respond when Corfield rolled her eyes and head back and made waving gestures with her arms and body that seemed to mock his answer's sincerity.

"If you want to put on a show then just sit down," Christie scolded. "But if you want to have a respectful discussion then let me answer your question."

As the crowd's cheering faded, Christie said that his only criticism was when he said that the state teachers' union refused to share the state's budget burdens.

"The overwhelming number of teachers pay nothing toward full family, full coverage health benefits, not just for the years of their employment, but for life," Christie said. "I asked them to contribute one and-a-half percent and was told I was destroying public education."

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