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Krauthammer: Obama "Failed" His One Task In Iraq

Dr. Charles Krauthammer: "I don't care whether he's gracious or not. I care about if he is effective. At the time of that speech, what Democrat's argued is we don't need a military strategy, we need a diplomatic surge -- and the Republicans were always cowboys that wanted to use war. In fact, it was a factious argument because at the time, diplomacy would have been useless. We won the war militarily, that was Bush and Petreus. As a result, when they handed it over at the inauguration in 2009, the Obama administration had one task -- a diplomatic task, that's what Democrats are good at. A year and half [later], get an election done, a government in place. It has absolutely failed on that. It had one task, a diplomatic task and it's left us in a situation where we're winding down, we're leaving and the government is extremely unstable."

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