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Obama: GOP "Obstruction" Of Jobs Bill "Defies Common Sense"

US President Barack Obama on Thursday slammed his Republican foes for stalling a bill to spur job creation, as he left for a 10-day vacation amid more grim US unemployment figures.

"There are times when Democrats and Republicans have legitimate differences, rooted in different views about what's best for this country. There are times when good people disagree in good faith," he said.

"But this is not one of those times," said Obama, sharply criticizing Republicans for using parliamentary delaying tactics to block a vote on the legislation.

The measure aims to create a 30-billion-dollar fund to provide capital to community banks to lend to small businesses, which would also get some 12 billion dollar in tax breaks over ten years.

"It's obstruction that stands in the way of small business owners getting the loans and the tax cuts that they need to prosper. It's obstruction that defies common sense," said Obama.

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