August 10, 2010 Archives

August 10, 2010 Archives

White House's Gibbs Chides "Professional Left"

White House's Gibbs Chides "Professional Left" CNN: The White House is tamping down recent statements from Press Secretary Robert Gibbs that targeted the "professional left" for not giving President Obama a sufficient amount of credit for the administration's accomplishments. "I think what Gibbs was doing was having one conversation with one report

Rep. Maxine Waters: "I Will Not Be A Sacrificial Lamb"

Rep. Maxine Waters says she would rather face trial for ethics charges on violations about "something" she did not do. "I'm not going to agree to any violations I have not created," Rep. Waters said.

Rangel Makes Plea At 80: "I Don't Want To Die Before The Hearing"

"I'm 80 years old. I don't want to die before the hearing...Who am I? Am I corrupt? Did I get a nickel? What did they offer me? I want to be a role member to new members to tell them mistakes that I made so they don't make [them]," House Democrat Charlie Rangel (D-NY) said on the House floor.

Rep. Hoyer: Public Wins Big With Stimulus

Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., joins Morning Joe's political roundtable to talk about the $26 billion stimulus bill intended to help states keep teachers employed, which is being voted on today. Hoyer tags the bill as "tax payer paid for."

Fmr. Alaska Senator Ted Stevens KIlled In Plane Crash

Before he left office, Ted Stevens was the longest-standing Republican senator in history. But to Alaskans, he was simply known as Uncle Ted. While former Sen. Ted Stevens may have left under a cloud of controversy, his legacy lives on as the man who for decades looked after Alaskans and their needs. It all started in 1968 after two failed at

Dem Congressman Asked How To Pay For Middle Class Only Tax Cuts? "We'll Have To Figure That Out"

"How? We'll have to figure that out, but I think that that's very important," Rep. George Miller (D-CA) said on MSNBC today. Rep. Miller argues in favor of supporting on extending some of the Bush administration's taxcuts, but not all.

Arianna Huffington: "Stimulus Did Not Generate" Demand

"The problem with the American economy is very similar. It's the demand is not there, the consumer demand that sustained the economy for years and now the government demand -- the stimulus did not generate the kind of demand it was supposed to," liberal commentator Arianna Huffngton said on MSNBC.

Krauthammer: Invoking Bush Is A "Losing Strategy" For Dems

Charles Krauthammer: "If [Obama] had an agenda that was attractive he could say, 'Give it a bit of time, and we'll be OK.' But the agenda is rejected, and the results are lousy. Reagan ran for re-election when we had a rebound in the economy of six percent. Here, our economy is stalled and slowing, and there's no way he can make

Olbermann: Is The Tea Party Steeped In Madness?

Politico's Ken Vogel recaps Sharron Angle's Tea Party for Doctors, which wasn't completely attended by physicians.

O'Reilly: Obama Not Making "Adjustments" To Help Economy

Bill O'Reilly on Barack Obama and the state of the economy.

Ed Schultz: Dems Should Run Against "Speaker Boehner"

Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean and Justin Coussoule, who is running against Rep. John Boehner, explain that the House Minority Leader is out of touch with America's working class.

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