July 28, 2010 Archives

July 28, 2010 Archives

Sen. Menendez: AZ Decision Shows Hispanics' Rights Are "Preserved"

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ): "I think the compelling nature of that says to particularly communities like the Hispanic community and others that who is on the side of making sure that their rights as a citizen are preserved and that's the Obama administration by taking this action and certainly that has to work to the benefit of knowing who is o

Gov. Christie on Saving Money & the Hard Decisions We Have to Make

NJ Gov. Chris Christie on "Morning Joe": This teacher complaining, they're getting four-to-five percent salary increases a year in a zero percent inflation world; they get free health benefits from the day they're hired--for their entire family

Eugene Robinson On What If GOP Takes Congress

Eugene Robinson debtates what could happen if Republicans take control of Congress. "The President has a program and he wants to follow that through," Robinson said.

Arpaio: What Is The "Hype" With Arizona Immigration Law?

"I don't know what the big hype is going on with this law," Arpaio said Wednesday on ABC's "Good Morning America." "We've been doing it for three years."

Sen. Gregg: Historic Federal Spending Is Driving Debt

Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) on the historic spending by the Obama administration. "This really is a spending problem primarily," Sen. Gregg said.

Sen. John Thune On Reforming Budget Process

South Dakota senator sparks 2012 rumors with travel schedule and proposal to cut government spending.

Krauthammer: As Iran Feels Pressure, It Threatens Regional War

Charles Krauthammer: "This kind of rumors or threats of an Israeli attack on Syria is serious business. I'm sure it's absolutely false. There's no evidence whatsoever--it's not in Israel's interest to attack Syria and Lebanon. However, Iran, now under the pressure of sanctions--unilateral American, EU and Canadian--feeling inter

Rachel Maddow Show: GOP Out Of Step With American Public

Republicans voted against even debating the DISCLOSE Act Tuesday, blocking the attempt to blunt the impact of the unpopular court ruling that allows corporations to spend limitless dollars on U.S. elections.

Countdown: Will Leaks Change Support for Afghan War?

Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) talks about the impact WikiLeaks could have on support for the war in Afghanistan and America's relationship with Pakistan.

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