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Former Justice Department Lawyer: Holder Dropped Black Panther Case For Racial Reasons

Fox News exclusive: DOJ attorney quits and becomes whistleblower in New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case.


J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS, FORMER JUSTIC DEPARTMENT LAWYER: Well, people were standing in front of the polls with weapons in Philadelphia on the day that President Obama was elected in 2008. The Justice Department brought a case in January under the voter intimidation statutes against the New Black Panther Party, the individuals who organized the deployment and the folks with the weapons in Philadelphia at the polls.

MEGYN KELLY, "AMERICA LIVE" HOST: Ok, and so the guy we see banging the baton, he was one defendant. The guy next to him who was said to have been saying intimidating things, he was a defendant. The New Black Panther Party was a defendant and the head of it was a defendant.

ADAMS: That’s right, all four.

KELLY: Ok, and what was basically the heart of the case against them.

ADAMS: Yeah, this 1965 Voting Rights Act protects voters from voter intimidation. You’re supposed to be able to go vote without somebody with a weapon shouting racial slurs at you like these folks were doing in Philadelphia.

KELLY: What were they saying?

ADAMS: Well, they said, “You’re about to be ruled by the black man, Cracker”. They called people “white devils”. They menaced, they tapped their baton. They tried to stop people from entering the polls.

KELLY: Is there any question in your mind that that violates the law.

ADAMS: No, nor anybody that worked on the case. It’s the easiest case I ever had at the Justice Department. It doesn’t get any easier than this. If this doesn’t constitute voter intimidation, nothing will.

KELLY: And you had, you had not just that video tape, which we’ve all now seen, but you had witness testimony from some credible witnesses who were there.

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