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CNN Exposes Elena Kagan Unplugged In "Feisty" Clips

When leading a legal panel about Harriet Miers in 2005 Elena Kagan, another unknown Supreme Court candidate asks: "Does anyone know anything about her?" " How do we pronounce her name?," Kagan sarcastically asked. The panel questioned Miers' legal credentials. "We don't know much about her views. Honestly, the Republicans have a little of, you know, reason to, you know, want to know better who this person person is, too," she said of Miers. Another video from 2005 shows the Harvard Law Dean praising then-Senator Obama as a "rock star" with qualities such as "eloquence," "magnetism," and "great looks." She also calls Obama brilliant. Kagan also bashed members of the Bush administration such as former Attorney Generals Alberto Gonzales and John Ashcroft.

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