June 23, 2010 Archives

June 23, 2010 Archives

Gov. Chris Christie On Running For President: "Not Going To Happen"

On running for President: "Not going to happen. I want to be Governor of New Jersey. I ran for Governor of New Jersey. I'm not Woodrow Wilson. You have to be in your gut and in your heart ready to President if you decide to run for that. I simply do not have the desire to do it, nor do I think I'm ready." "In my judgment, if you're going to try

NBC, CBS And CNN Agree: Petraeus Choice A "Brilliant" Decision

NBC, CBS and CNN all said it was a "brilliant" move by Obama to choose Gen. Petraeus to replace Gen. McChrystal. NBC's Chuck Todd: "It's going to be seen as a brilliant choice by the President." CBS' Chip Reid: "Well, it sounds like a pretty brilliant decision, really." CNN's Wolf Blitzer: "Politically, a very brilliant move to tap General

Dem Rep. Jim McDermott Attacks Limbaugh On House Floor

Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Washington) criticizes Rush Limbaugh for a sarcastic suggestion that school kids "dumpster dive" for food. "All Mr. Limbaugh could contribute is another awful example of shameless and callous commentary. Ask yourself, 'when is the last time that Rush Limbaugh missed a meal?' Take a look, you judge for yourself," Rep. McD

Obama Relieves McChrystal From Command: "I Welcome Debate, But Won't Tolerate Division"

President Obama says Gen. McChrystal's comments "undermines" the mission in Afghanistan. Obama has nominated Gen. Petraeus to replace him. He said relieving McChrystal of command is the "right thing" to do. "I will tolerate debate, but not division," Obama said. "It saddens me to lose the service of a soldier I've come to respect and adm

Dem Congressman: McChrystal Should Stay If He Reassures Obama

Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA): "He has to reassure the President that these were comments blowing off steam, that do not reflect his opinion of the plan in Afghanistan or the President."

Matthews: Petraeus Pick Shows Obama Is "Commander" After Unclear Handling Of BP

CHRIS MATTHEWS: "Here's the chance for him, in a personnel matter to insist in his role as commander-in-chief in a way that hasn't been so clear during this whole oil spill matter. BP has been the front institution, not the United States government, in this hole [inaudible] in the Gulf. And I think it's hurt the President's standing."

Obama Criticized Bush For Saying "Kicking Ass" At Petraeus Hearing

SEN. OBAMA TO GEN. PETRAEUS: "This isn’t a criticism of either of you gentlemen, it’s a criticism of this President and the administration, which has set a mission for the military and our diplomatic forces that is extraordinarily difficult now to achieve. And there has been no acknowledgment of that on the part of this administratio

Sens. Collins & Cantwell On Bipartisan Energy Bill

MSNBC: Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) tell Morning Joe about their introduction of a bipartisan energy bill that claims to reduce U.S. reliance on offshore drilling.

Begala On McChrystal: Obama Should "Fire His Ass"

Paul Begala and Imus spar over if President Obama should dismiss Gen. McChrystal.

Sen. Dorgan: Petraeus "Good Choice" To Replace McChrystal

Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) said what happened today, "had to happen" due to McChrystal's insubordination.

SC-Gov: Nikki Haley Wins GOP Primary

Nikki Haley talks about her win on "FOX & Friends." Haley thanks Sarah Palin for her help.

Sen. Shelby On Gen. McChrystal: "Nobody's Indispensable"

MSNBC: Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) discusses Gen. McChrystal's comments and the ongoing crisis in the Gulf with Morning Joe.

Krauthammer: Retaining McChrystal Would Be The "Best Outcome"

Charles Krauthammer on what President Obama should do about General Stanley McChrystal. VIDEO: Krauthammer On Afghanistan War

Olbermann To Obama: Don't Accept McChrystal's Resignation

In a Special Comment, Keith Olbermann argues that President Barack Obama shouldn't accept a resignation from Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

O'Reilly: You Can't Sack A General "For A Stupid Article"

Bill O'Reilly on the numerous challenges facing America and the Obama administration, including General Stanley McChrystal's comments in Rolling Stone.

Chris Matthews: Obama Should Can McChrystal

Chris Matthews discusses the defining moments that helped previous presidents own their role and wonders when Obama will demonstrate his leadership.

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