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Gov. Christie: We Have To "Rein In Property Taxes"

Gov. Christie (R-NJ): "It doesn’t matter where you live in New Jersey; whether you live in one of our cities like here in Newark or in Patterson or Passaic or Atlantic City or Camden or Trenton. Or whether you live in one of our suburbs like Mendham, where I come from, or Monmouth Beach where Kim is from – all across the state people understood that property taxes have been completely out of control and we need to reign in local government and reign in the property taxes on a permanent basis. We have seen Republicans and Democrats both come up with quick fixes for the property tax problem, one rebate program after another, senior freeze, property tax rebates – especially for seniors, for the disabled, and for regular folks. And what happens is, Trenton pays those rebates for a while and then when budget times get tough, they can’t pay them. And property taxes continue to go up – 70% in the last ten years in New Jersey and that’s the tax that you have to pay regardless of how much money you have in the bank, regardless of whether you are working or not working, because if you don’t pay it you lose your home. And it is a tax that is driving people from the state of New Jersey and we have to stop it. And we have to stop it permanently and we can no longer count on the politicians to fix the problem because both parties have failed us in that regard." (via Daily Christie)

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