June 22, 2010 Archives

June 22, 2010 Archives

Kyl Stands By Story Over Obama's Comments About Securing The Border

Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) talks to Mark Levin about what President Obama told him about securing the border. Kyl claims Obama told him he wouldn't secure the border because then the Republicans wouldn't vote for immigration reform. (Source: Mark Levin Show)

MSNBC's Schultz To Obama On McChrystal: "Fire This Jackass"

Ed Schultz says President Obama should "step up" and fire Gen. McChrystal. Schultz implies McChrystal is emboldening the enemy. Schultz also says Gen. McChrystal is "another problem he [Obama] has inherited from the Bush administration." Note: In 2009, President Obama made Gen. McChrystal the commander of Afghanistan forces.

Gov. Christie: We Have To "Rein In Property Taxes"

Gov. Christie (R-NJ): "It doesn’t matter where you live in New Jersey; whether you live in one of our cities like here in Newark or in Patterson or Passaic or Atlantic City or Camden or Trenton. Or whether you live in one of our suburbs like Mendham, where I come from, or Monmouth Beach where Kim is from – all across the state people

Gibbs On McChrystal: Obama Was "Angry" And You Would "Know It If You Saw It"

GIBBS: "He was angry." REPORTER: "How so?" GIBBS: "Angry. You would know it if you saw it." Gibbs also said: "The purpose of calling him in here was to see what in the world he was thinking."

Barney Frank: Idea That There Could Be Too Much Regulation Is A "Fantasy Unrelated To Any Human Experience"

Rep. Barney Frank on government regulations: "The general fear that the banking members, that we're going to over regulate on behalf of consumers is a fantasy unrelated to any human experience. The federal government has never done that."

Obama: McChrystal Showed "Poor Judgement"

AP: President Barack Obama says Gen. Stanley McChrystal showed "poor judgment" in a magazine story in which the Afghanistan war commander and his aides disparaged the president and other members of the administration. Asked whether he would fire McChrystal, Obama said he planned to talk McChrystal face-to-face before making any decision.

Obama: GOP Wants Health Care That Discriminates Against Children, Drops Benefits

President Obama blasted GOP opposition to his plan for health reform. "Would you want to go back to discriminating against children with preexisting conditions? Would you want to go back to dropping coverage for people when they get sick? Would you want to reinstate lifetime limits on benefits so that mothers like Amy have to work?," Obama said.

Scarborough Defends Brzezinski: She Was "Reporting" Not Using "Talking Points"

Joe Scarborough on critics: "Mika is just reading White House talking points. Well it's actually called reporting. We asked because Rudy came on here and said he hasn't talked to any industry people, and so I said, let's call the White House and get a list of all the meetings. And that's exactly what we did. And we got the list."

White House: Obama To Appeal Judge's Ruling Against Moratorium

Robert Gibbs says the administration will appeal the judge's decision to lift the moratorium to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Gibbs On Firing McChrystal: "All Options Are On The Table"

Robert Gibbs says "all options are on the table" in respect to disciplining Gen. McChrystal for his remarks about President Obama.

NBC's Andrea Mitchell: McChrystal Was Insubordinate And Should Be "Canned"

What Gen. McChrystal said "crosses the line of insubordination and it crosses the line of the military code of justice. He has challenged the commander-in-chief and legally, morally, ethically and professionally he ought to be canned."

Ingraham: Obama "Thin-Skinned" Over McChrystal's Comments

Laura Ingraham wants to know why Gen. McChrystal is so angry over Afghanistan situation. "I hope the substance of his concern is not lost in the coverage of why he shouldn't have given the answer," Ingraham said.

GOP Congressman: Obama Should Consider Firing McChrystal

"If I were the president, I would consider getting rid of General McChrystal," Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Michigan) said. He said this is due to McChrystal's "lack of judgment."

DNC Ad: Apologizing To Bil Oil Is "How Republicans Would Govern"

The Democrats use Rep. Joe Barton's apology to BP and similar comments made by the GOP in a new television ad that is to air on cable television.

Tucker Carlson: Obama "Has Played A Lot Of Golf"

Tucker Carlson points out that President Obama has played double the amount of golf than George W. Bush did during two terms. Carlson on the Obama administration attacking BP's Tony Hayward over going to a yacht race: "I'm not defending BP here post-spill, but I think it's fair to question the demagoguery of the White House when they make it tha

David Corn: No "Downside" For Dems To Campaign On Oil Spill

David Corn: "These things come and go very quickly. But right now, there's no downside for the Democrats beating up on BP and pointing to Joe Barton and the House Republicans as being, you know, the handmaidens of industry."

Krauthammer: Feinberg "Elicits A Lot Of Trust"

Charles Krauthammer: "I think he sort of elicits a lot of trust. I think he was a good man that you could choose. I'm not sure I like the process under which the $20 billion was established. I think it is overstepping at least the legal bounds of what the federal government or the presidency ought to do, but once we have that, he's a good guy to

O'Reilly: Obama's Insistence On Taking Unpopular Positions Is "Inexplicable"

Bill O'Reilly on why President Obama continues to take positions that go against public opinion.

Hardball: Oil Disaster Changing Midterm Landscape?

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post and former N.Y. Rep. Susan Molinari join Chris Matthews to track the spill's mixed impact on lawmakers ahead of the fall's elections.

Rep. Markey: BP Wasn't Prepared For Worst Case Scenario

CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to Congressman Markey about BP's worst case leak scenario: up to 100,000 barrels a day.

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