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June 22, 2010 Archives

RNC Ad Mocks Obama Scandals In Satirical "Obama's Chicago Network" Ad
Reid: "We Have To Be Very Careful About How We Rein In Spending"
Larry King Telethon Raises $1.8 Million For Gulf Compared To $61 Million Haiti Telethon
Sen. Kerry: We Must "Price" Carbon To Save Jobs
White House On McChrystal: "What In The World Was He Thinking?"
Crist: Obama Up To Speed, Pleased With How He "Pushed" BP
Secretary of Energy Steven Chu in 2007: BP Is Going To "Help Save the World"
Hillary Clinton Smiles During Obama's Comment On McChrystal
Reid: McChrystal "Not Being A Very Good Soldier"
Scarborough: McChrystal's Comments Put Military "Lives In Peril"
Kyl Stands By Story Over Obama's Comments About Securing The Border
MSNBC's Schultz To Obama On McChrystal: "Fire This Jackass"
TIME's Joe Klein: Source Tells Me McChrystal Has Submitted His Resignation
Gov. Christie: We Have To "Rein In Property Taxes"
Gibbs On McChrystal: Obama Was "Angry" And You Would "Know It If You Saw It"
Barney Frank: Idea That There Could Be Too Much Regulation Is A "Fantasy Unrelated To Any Human Experience"
Obama: McChrystal Showed "Poor Judgement"
Obama: GOP Wants Health Care That Discriminates Against Children, Drops Benefits
Scarborough Defends Brzezinski: She Was "Reporting" Not Using "Talking Points"
White House: Obama To Appeal Judge's Ruling Against Moratorium
Gibbs On Firing McChrystal: "All Options Are On The Table"
NBC's Andrea Mitchell: McChrystal Was Insubordinate And Should Be "Canned"
Ingraham: Obama "Thin-Skinned" Over McChrystal's Comments
GOP Congressman: Obama Should Consider Firing McChrystal
DNC Ad: Apologizing To Bil Oil Is "How Republicans Would Govern"
Tucker Carlson: Obama "Has Played A Lot Of Golf"
David Corn: No "Downside" For Dems To Campaign On Oil Spill
Krauthammer: Feinberg "Elicits A Lot Of Trust"
O'Reilly: Obama's Insistence On Taking Unpopular Positions Is "Inexplicable"
Hardball: Oil Disaster Changing Midterm Landscape?
Rep. Markey: BP Wasn't Prepared For Worst Case Scenario

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