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June 17, 2010 Archives

Charlie Gasparino On When The Oil Might Stop
Waxman: Oil Spill Threatens Our "National Security"
Watch Live: BP CEO Testifies at House Hearing on Oil Spill
GOP Rep. Sullivan: Obama "Exploiting" Gulf Crisis To Advance Cap And Trade
GOP Warns Obama Not To Use Oil Spill To Push For Energy Bill
AL Ag. Commish Ad: "Get Away From That!"
WH: South Carolina Dems "Rightly Looking Into" Alvin Greene
Cramer: President Obama "Snookered" By BP
MSNBC's Matthews Hits Limbaugh, Levin & Bachmann For Criticizing Obama
Bachmann: "We Will Repeal Healthcare" And Declares Obama Is A "One-Term President"
Pat Caddell On Dems Turning On Obama: "I Was Ahead Of The Game"
Brewer On Obama Admin: "We Will Meet Them In Court And We Will Win"
Stupak: "Legitimate" For BP Escrow Account To Fund Health Care
Clinton: Obama Administration To Sue Arizona Over Immigration Law
DNC Hits Barton For Apologizing To BP
Gibbs: Barton Should Step Down As Ranking Member
Biden Declares "We Have Turned This Economy Around"
GOP's Barton Takes Back "Apology": BP Is "Responsible"
Giuliani: If This Was Bush, He Would Have Been Impeached By Now
SC-Sen: Alvin Greene Wants To Golf With Obama If He Wins
NV-Sen: Ad Hits Reid For Saying Bailout "Is Paying Off"
Boehner Distances Himself From Barton's Remark On BP
Rep. Harman: BP Should Pay At Least $40-60 Billion
Protester Covered With Oil Interrupts Hayword's Testimony At BP Hearing
Sens. Carper & Barrasso On Holding BP Accountable
"Daily Show" Mocks Obama For Waging War Against The Oil Spill
GOP's Barton "Ashamed" Of White House's "Shakedown" Of BP
Krauthammer: BP's Concessions Help Obama After "Disastrous" Speech
O'Reilly: Far Left Is Harder On Obama Than The Right
Stupak: BP Apology "Not Good Enough"
Rachel Maddow Delivers Her Own Oval Office Address

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