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June 16, 2010 Archives

Keep Israel Safe: The Politics Of Deceit
Gaza Blockade Runners Said Fighting USA, Too
CA-Gov: California Working Families Hits Whitman
Rush Limbaugh Calls Bill O'Reilly "Ted Baxter"
Limbaugh: Obama "Has No Idea What To Do"
Man Arrested For Carrying Grenades And Impersonating A Soldier
Sen. Thune: Most Republicans Want War Funding Paid For
Barney Frank: "I've Never Seen A Tax Cut Go To The Aid Of Hungry Children"
Sessions: Kagan's Judgments To Be “Infected By Her Very Liberal” Views
Obama's Oval Office Address Similar To Carter's Malaise Speech
Chris Matthews Presents "Rise Of The New Right"
RNC Ad To Obama: "Mr. President, What Took You So Long?"
Pelosi: Small Business Owners Have "A Lot Of Confidence"
Gibbs Responds To Olbermann: "Real America" Doesn't Live Within "Pulse Of Cable TV"
School Kids Chant: "I Am An Obama Scholar"
Obama: BP Has Agreed To Set Aside $20 Billion For Oil Disaster Claims
Axelrod On Obama's Address: We're Going To "Keep Moving Forward"
Sen. Klobuchar: If It's Not Law, We Will Retroactively Make BP Pay
Sen. McConnell: Obama "Holding The Gulf Hostage"
Reporter To Gibbs: Was There Any Ass-Kicking At Obama's Meeting With BP?
Krauthammer: "The Law Hasn't Exactly Been An Obstacle" For Obama
Haley Barbour On Obama's Speech
BP Chairman: "We Care About The Small People"
Sen. Landrieu Pleased With Obama Remarks
Chris Matthews Previews "The Rise Of The New Right"
Rove On Obama: "Strategy Is Don't Let A Crisis Go To Waste"
"Daily Show" Rips Obama For Not Living Up To Promises

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