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June 15, 2010 Archives

Gibbs: Obama Will Name "Czar" To Oversee Oil Disaster
Gen. Petraeus Returns To Hearing After Collapsing From Dehydration
Obama Uses Teleprompters To Address Military Personnel
Obama's Crisis Management
MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski: Rep. Etheridge Was "Harassed"
Rep. Cao To Oil Execs: Samurais Would Ask BP To "Commit Hara-Kiri"
BP America President: BP "Supports An Economy-Wide Price For Carbon"
Shell President: We Support "Setting A Price For Carbon"
ConocoPhillips CEO "Supports" Price For Carbon
Watch Live: President Obama To Address Oil Spill In First Oval Office Speech
Obama: Oil Disaster "Most Painful And Powerful Reminder" That We Need Clean Energy
MSNBC Trashes Obama's Address: Compared To Carter, "I Don't Sense Executive Command"
Krauthammer: Obama Gave It A Shot, But The Story Will Not Be His Speech
POLITICO: Obama Used "Commander-In-Chief" Language
Ed Schultz: Obama Should Act Like A "Dictator" In Oval Office Address
Frank Luntz Focus Group On Obama's Address: "Negative"
Palin: Obama Hasn't Shown His Top Priority Is Plugging The Leak
Sen. Scott Brown: Obama Has Shown A "Lack Of Leadership" On Oil Spill
NV-Sen: Angle Talks Possibility Of Armed Rebellion Against "Tyrannical Government"
Jon Stewart Of "Daily Show" Takes On South Carolina Race
Karl Rove Previews Obama's First Oval Office Address
SC-Sen: Clyburn On Greene Win: "Great Possibility" Someone Tampered With Machines
Rush Limbaugh Returns To Radio, Discusses Wedding
Ingraham: Obama "Was A Little Late To The Game"
O'Reilly: Blaming Oil Spill On Bush Is "Dishonest"
Krauthammer: Proposing Escrow Account Is "Politically Smart"
Gibbs Previews Obama's Address: No Jones Act, No Answer On Cap & Trade
Matthews: Obama's Been Dealt A Bad Hand
Robert Reich On How Obama Can Put BP Under Receivership
Sen. LeMieux On Waiving Jones Act: Administration Being "Disingenuous"
Matthews On "Rise Of The New Right": This Is "Scary"
Gov. Christie Praises Teachers Union For Agreeing To Pay Freeze
Gen. Petraeus Collapses At Senate Hearing On Afghanistan

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