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Lie: Rep. Clyburn Implies Alvin Greene Is A Plant Involved With Rep. Joe Wilson

"I have a little more than suspicions," Rep. Clyburn (D-SC) said of his idea that US Senate candidate Alvin Greene (D-SC) is a plant.

Rep. Clyburn went on to say the man who managed the campaign of Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) also managed the campaign of his [Clyburn's] opponent and Democrat Alvin Greene.

"We see that Joe Wilson, the Republican congressman -- who I asked the House to censure for disrupting the President's speech -- his campaign manager was managing my opponent's campaign and so they were running my opponent's campaign, Alvin Greene's campaign and Ben Frasier, down in the first congressional district. The only federal campaigns on the ballot, all three of those are being run [by] either the same shop and that shop was Joe Wilson's campaign manager and former staffer on his Congressional staff. So, that's all the proof I need."

RealClearPolitics called Rep. Joe Wilson's campaign office for a response to this accusation. Rep. Wilson's communication director told me Rep. Clyburn's claim is absolutely false. "Our campaign manager, Dustin Olson, has one client and one client only in the state South Carolina and that is Joe Wilson," he told me.

UPDATE: "While I’m flattered by the vote of confidence, I can take no credit for Alvin Greene’s and Ben Frasier’s landslide victories," said Wilson campaign manager Dustin Olson. “But I am happy to at least take partial credit for Joe Wilson getting the most votes in the history of the Republican Congressional primary in South Carolina."

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