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O'Reilly Interviews Halperin About "Drudge Report" Headline On Obama's "Ass To Kick" Comment

TIME's Mark Halperin on FOX News' "O'Reilly Factor": "You know Matt Drudge ... Matt Drudge knew exactly what he was doing with that headline."

Halperin was talking about the headline "Obama Goes Street: Seeking 'Ass To Kick'" that ran on the "Drudge Report" earlier this week.

"He thought it would be cool and hip, but he knew full well that it was provocative and racial. I'm not saying that makes Matt Drudge a racist, but [what] I'm saying is Matt Drudge knows how to tap into the sentiment of a lot of his readers," Halperin added.

O'Reilly wasn't buying that criticism of President Obama is based on his skin color.

Mark Halperin is editor of The Page.

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