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Huffington Blames Oil Spill On Bush & Cheney

GEORGE WILL: So, it's Bush's fault?

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON: It is absolutely, a 1000-percent, Bush-Cheney's fault plus the fact that the Obama administration has really done enough, fast enough to change what's happening at the MMS agency [and] at all sorts of agencies. Not just when it comes to the energy problems, when it comes to Wall Street, all over we are seeing the complete success of the kind of regulatory system that Bush-Cheney wanted. We are seeing this as an inevitable result of what they wanted.

LIZ CHENEY: It's truly amazing -- I actually heard that George Bush was responsible for of Tipper and Al Gore's marriage. It's incredibly, the extent to which people are now trying to shift blame.

At any rate, I think we have to look forward and you have to look at the facts. The left, you are going to try -- for years, you have been demonizing Bush and Cheney and I am sure you will continue to demonize them for years going forward. But we have got now a catastrophe in the Gulf coast, a catastrophe that happened under this administration's watch, which this administration is failing to cleanup and be responsible for and lead, frankly. It is a problem we are seeing with this president across the board. The president has no leadership experience.

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