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June 2, 2010 Archives

AR-Sen: Ad Uses BP, Bush & Cheney Against Lincoln
Paul McCartney: Obama's "A Great Guy, So Lay Off Him"
NV-Sen: Michelle Obama Campaigns For Harry Reid
AL-Gov: Ron Sparks (D) Defeats Artur Davis
Obama: GOP Turned Surplus Into $1.3 Trillion Deficit
ABC's "World News" Reports White House Complaining About "Chattering Class"
Obama: GOP Doesn't Believe Government Has Role In "Collective Challenges"
Biden: "BP Is Not In Charge, The President Of The United States Is In Charge"
Biden Defends Israel: "What's The Big Deal Here?"
Rove: Joe Klein Outdoes Chris Matthews In "Man Love" For Obama
Spike Lee To Obama: "Go Off!"
Jindal Blasts BP & Fed Government Over Holding Up Sand Booms
Obama Trashes GOP For Opposing Economic Plans
Netanyahu: "Israel Regrets The Loss Of Life, But We Will Never Apologize For Defending Ourselves"
Barney Frank: Israeli Actions Make Me "Ashamed" As A Jew, Flotilla Activists Are "Innocent"
Christie: Students Trapped By "Selfish, Greedy" & "Disgraceful" Teacher Unions
LA Dem Rep. Melancon Calls For BP's Hayward Ouster
AZ Gov. Brewer To Obama If He Challenges Law: "We'll Meet You In Court"
McCain Blames Obama For Helping Create Flotilla Incident
Limbaugh: Oil Spill Is Obama's "Bay Of Rigs"
MSNBC's Scarborough: White House Thinks "We've Been Too Tough On The President"
Krauthammer: Admin. Wants To Give "Appearance Of Activity" On Oil Spill
O'Reilly: Flotilla Incident Poses Political Problem For Obama
Stephanopoulos On BP Criminal Investigation
Reich: Gov't Should Put BP In Receivership
Flotilla Passengers Fire Live Ammunition at IDF Soldiers

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