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ABC's "World News" Reports On Oil Spill: "Anger Is Reserved For Washington"

ABC's "World News" anchor Diane Sawyer addressed viewers from the shorelines of Louisiana tonight. She reported on the "anger" that is focused on Washington. "We saw a pickup truck that had a hand painted sign that said 'BP + The Feds = Another Katrina,'" Sawyer reported.

ABC News reports "some of the president's supporters have questioned his leadership," referring to the anger heard from Louisiana natives (and Democratic strategists) Donna Brazile and James Carville. "One of the problems I have with the administration is that they're not tough enough," Brazile said.

Gov. Jindal (R-LA) says he is frustrated.

Admiral Thad Allen, the man in charge of federal response admitted the "government doesn't have everything it needs" and if the government did push BP out of the way it would raise the question that they would no one to replace them with.

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