May 22, 2010 Archives

May 22, 2010 Archives

Obama Weekly Address On BP Spill Independent Commission

White House: The President announces that the independent commission he created for the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling will be chaired by former Florida Governor and Senator Bob Graham and former EPA Administrator Bill Reilly. He promises accountability not just for BP, but for those in government who bore responsibility.

Sen. David Vitter Delivers Weekly GOP Address On The Gulf Oil Spill

In the Weekly Republican Address, Louisiana Sen. David Vitter discusses the tragic explosion and oil leak at the Deepwater Horizon rig off his state's coast. Sen. Vitter reminds Americans, "As we continue to work toward a recovery solution, none of us should lose sight that there are families whove lost loved ones. That is the greatest tragedy

Andrew Cuomo Announces Run For NY Governor

In his official campaign announcement video for Governor of the State of New York, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo outlines his comprehensive plan for cleaning up New York.

"They Lead No Religion": Obama Defends Islam, Muslims At Commencement

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Our campaign to disrupt, dismantle, and to defeat al Qaeda is part of an international effort that is necessary and just. But this is a different kind of war. There will be no simple moment of surrender to mark the journey’s end – no armistice or banner headline. Though we have had more success in eliminating al Qaed

Conway: Rand Paul Is Flip-Flopping

Democrat Jack Conway responds to senate rival Rand Paul's recent controversial comments.

FOX News Watch: Press Missing Primary Message?

Are media out of step with anti-establishment candidates?

O'Reilly Shoot-out With State Department Spokesman

Bill grills P.J. Crowley over Michael Posner discussing human rights with China.

Krauthammer: ICE Situation Shows "Near Lawlessness" Of Obama Admin.

Charles Krauthammer: "I think it's a perfect example of the arrogance and the near lawlessness of this administration." "[The Arizona law] is as legal a law as any other law in the land. And for the executive to say we're going to ignore it, or we're going to unenforce immigration essentially in this state on account of this, is lawless.

Texas Textbook Controversy

Texas Board of Education mandates a more conservative social studies curriculum.

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