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MSNBC's Matthews Makes Misogynistic Comment On "Tonight Show"

Chris Matthews appeared on NBC's "Tonight Show" last night. While he going on a diatribe about how former Vice President Dick Cheney, Halliburton and big oil are tied to the current spill in the Gulf he made a misogynistic comment to a female guest next to him. Here's the transcript: CHRIS MATTHEWS (speaking rapidly): I found with 220,000 miles of oil pipeline in this country they have one federal guy looking out for this. It's a joke. They do not regular the oil industry -- CHELSEA HANDLER, GUEST, COMEDIAN: Can you talk faster? MATTHEWS: The oil industry is completely ... (pause) You know, my dear, you're beautiful but if you concentrate you can keep up. After he made that comment the audience went nuts and Jay Leno even gave Matthews a high-five.

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