May 21, 2010 Archives

May 21, 2010 Archives

DNC's Kaine On Blumenthal: "It Was Wrong"

"His statements were wrong, he needed to apologize and he did," DNC Chair Tim Kain said. However, he went on to defend AG Richard Blumenthal's (D-CT) record. "Now, what Attorney General Blumenthal has going for him, first, he does have a record of service. Second, in hundreds of speeches he accurately described his military service. And then m

VP Biden & Speaker Pelosi Wear Bracelets Against Arizona Law

Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wear bracelets protesting the Arizona immigration law during Mexican President Felipe Calderon's address to Congress.

Gov. Brewer's Arizona Sing-A-Long: Read The Immigration Law

Secure The Border: Two weeks ago, Governor Jan Brewer took President Obama to task for making Arizona's unsecured borders and illegal immigration crisis a laughing matter. However, since then, Washington's comedy of errors has grown far worse, with top cabinet officials admitting that they haven't even read Arizona's new immigration law. Broken

MSNBC's Matthews Makes Misogynistic Comment On "Tonight Show"

Chris Matthews appeared on NBC's "Tonight Show" last night. While he going on a diatribe about how former Vice President Dick Cheney, Halliburton and big oil are tied to the current spill in the Gulf he made a misogynistic comment to a female guest next to him. Here's the transcript: CHRIS MATTHEWS (speaking rapidly): I found with 220,000 miles

Coulter On ICE Refusing To Process Illegals, Calderon

Ann Coulter on illegal immigration and Mexican President Calderon's visit and denouncement of the Arizona law. "I think this is the problem of never letting anyone in the room who isn't a member of the ACLU," Coulter said. Coulter also discusses the news that the federal government may not process illegal immigrants referred from Arizona.

Sen. Warner: No Derivatives Language In Financial Reform

Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) says derivatives language will be out of final financial reform legislation.

Gibbs Dodges Question On Why CBS Reporter Was Threatened With Arrest By BP

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about a confrontation that took place between CBS News and the US Coast Guard/BP earlier this week. A CBS correspondent embedded in Louisiana reporting on the oil spill

Crist Says He Would Confirm Kagan, Forgets Why He Opposed Sotomayor

St. Pete Times: Charlie Crist says he would vote to confirm Elena Kagan, but talking to the Miami Herald editorial board the other day struggled to recall specifically why he opposed Sonia Sotomayor.

Rand Paul Says He's Being "Trashed Up And Down" By "Democratic Talking Points"

Rand Paul, the Tea Party's rising star from Kentucky who won the state's GOP Senate primary this week, says criticism of his views on the Civil Rights Act and other pieces of anti-discrimination legislation are "red herrings" and Democrats' attempt to "trash" his campaign. "When does my honeymoon period start? I had a big victory," Paul told Geo

Matthews: Paul's Principled Stand Proving To Be Problematic

Chris Matthews examines the "tough place" Kentucky Republican Senate nominee Rand Paul finds himself in as he looks to square his "fundamental views with an electorate that may not share them."

Scarborough Asks: What The Hell Was Rand Paul Doing On MSNBC?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: "And secondly, this is part of a news story so I'm going to say it, what the hell was he doing on MSNBC? This isn't an anti-MSNBC situation but you don't find a whole lot of very liberal Democrats going on Fox News election night or the night after to do their victory lap."

Dem Congressman Grayson Compares GOP To Al-Qaeda

"Why would you put people in charge of government who just don't want to do it? I mean, you wouldn't expect to see Al Qaeda members as pilots."

Gov. Brewer: Obama Doesn't Understand Arizona's Law

Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ): "I don’t believe he understands what the law actually says and I don’t mean that derogatory. The fact of the matter is that it prohibits racial profiling; its illegal in the state of Arizona. And racial profiling is illegal in the United States."

Musharraf Vows Return To Pakistani Politics

The Former Pakistani President talks about re-election, Benazir Bhutto, Facebook and the Times Square terror attempt.

O'Reilly: Calderon A "Phony" On The Border Issue

Bill O'Reilly on the Mexican president's opposition to Arizona's anti-illegal alien law.

Krauthammer: Dennis Blair Is A "Fall Guy"

Charles Krauthammer on National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair's resignation.

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