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May 19, 2010 Archives

Somalia Terror Suspect Headed To Texas Through Mexico
American Idol's Ellen Picks Love Song For Female Contestant To Sing
John McCain Star Wars Border Ad Spoof
Dale Peterson Ad Spoof: We're Better Than That, Too!
Mexican President Denounces Wrong Arizona Immigration Bill
2nd Grader Asks Michelle Obama About Taking Away People WIthout "Papers"
Sen. Gregg: We're Turning Into A European-Style Of Government
GOP Senate Candidate's Ad Mocks Harry Reid As Batman And Opponent As "Rubber Stamp"
Gov. Richardson: "We Need Immigration Reform"
Cramer: If You Don't Get A Lehman Brothers II In Europe In 48 Hours, Financial Stocks Will Go Up
Rick Santelli: "There Is Not Enough Gold"
Politico's Allen on PA-12: "Republicans Should Have Won"
MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan: Glenn Beck Is A "Scumbag"
Oops: US Protocol Chief Slips On White House Steps At State Dinner
CBS' Chip Reid To Obama: "Any Plans For A Real Press Conference"
Harry Reid On Wall Street Reform Loss: "A Senator Broke His Word With Me"
Rand Paul Begs Obama To Campaign For Democrat In Kentucky
Second Grader Asks Michelle Obama About Taking Away People Without "Papers"
Top GOP Official: Pennsylvania House Race Was "Mistake on Our Investment"
Obama National Security Advisor: Administration Will Reach Out To Hezbollah
Obama To Mexican President: "We Are Defined Not By Our Borders"
Sestak Says He Was "Offered" Federal Job To Drop Out Of Race
Lib Talker Malloy: Michele Bachmann Is A "Skank"
Rep. Van Hollen: GOP Victories Are "Double-Edged Sword"
Day 8: Matthews Continues Anti-Limbaugh Crusade
Mexican President Slams Arizona Law At WH: "Our People To Face Discrimination"
Obama: Arizona Law May Result In People Being "Harassed Or Arrested"
Fred Thompson: Blumenthal Is A "Lying Weasel"
Rand Paul Begs Obama To Campaign For Democrat In Kentucky
Limbaugh: There Is A "Disconnect Between Liberalism and Americanism"
Howard Dean Bashes Tea Partiers, Compares Them To Progressives
Krauthammer: Tea Party Success A "Tribute" To Obama's "Radical" Agenda
Countdown: GOP's Tea Party Problems
O'Reilly: Voters Don't Like "Ideological" Politicians Like Obama
Couric: Rand Paul Poses Challenge For GOP
Sestak Says His Difference With Obama Is Focus On Small Businesses
Jonathan Alter on Obama's First Year in Office

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