May 18, 2010 Archives

May 18, 2010 Archives

Al Gore Gives Depressing Commencement Speech On Global Warming

Americans for Prosperity: Instead of providing encouragement for the graduates of the University of Tennessee, Al Gore takes the opportunity to promote his doomsday global warming scenarios.

Specter Concedes Pennsylvania Senate Primary

"It's been a great privilege to serve the people of PA and it's been a great privilege to serve in the United States Senate. I will be working hard for the people of the commonwealth in the coming months," Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) said. Specter has served as Senator since 1980.

Rendell: Obama Did Not Campaign For Specter Because "It Didn't Do Too Much Good" In NJ, VA & MA

Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA) explains why President Obama didn't make a last minute campaign stop for Arlen Specter (D-PA). EARLIER TODAY: Gov. Rendell Predicts Specter Will Win

PA-12: Tim Burns (R) Concedes Race

Republican congressional candidate Tim Burns speaks to supporters after defeat in May 18, 2010, special election in Pennsylvania's 12th District.

Sestak Declares Victory: "This Is What Democracy Looks Like"

"This election is about you, it's about you and everyone in this great commonwealth that stood up and wanted diverse voices heard. This is what democracy looks like. A win for the people. Over the establishment, over the status quo, even over Washington, D.C. I will never forget that it was the people of PA that made it happen tonight," a jovial

Blumenthal Defends Military Career: "I Did Misspeak"

May 18, 2010 Blumenthal Defends Military Career: "I Did Misspeak" "I am proud of my service in the United States Marine Corps," Richard Blumenthal (D), candidate for US Senate, said. "Hoorah" and "Semper fi" was uttered several times. "I take full responsibility" for misspeaking he said. "I will not allow anyone to take a few misplaced wor

Sarah Palin: Rand Paul Is "Unconventional"

Sarah Palin says Rand Paul's victory is a "reflection" of the anti-big government sentiment.

Rand Paul: "We've Come To Take Our Government Back"

"I have a message. A message from the tea party. A message that is loud and clear and does not mince words. We've come to take our government back," Rand Paul told a group of supporters after he was declared winner of the Republican Senate primary in Kentucky. Rand Paul's message: "Washington is horribly broken." "We are encountering a day of

GOP: Health Care Bill Will Not Reduce Deficit As Promised

Republican Senators: Americans are right to be concerned about our country's enormous debt, especially given the Congressional Budget Office's recent announcement that the health care bill will not in fact provide the deficit reductions the president promised. Republicans are committed to addressing Americans' concerns with fiscally responsible

Obama: "Controlling" The Price Of Health Care Premiums Is "The Right Thing To Do"

"I believe that reforming our health care system, to crack down on the worst practices of the health insurance companies and giving everybody a decent shot at getting health insurance is the right thing to do. And try to control costs on premiums, is the right thing to do. It's the right thing to do for families and it's the right thing to do fo

GOP Congressman Souder Resigns After Affair With Staffer

Rep. Mark Souder (R-Ind.): "I am resigning rather than to put my family through that painful drawn-out process." VIDEO: GOP Congressman Talks Abstinence With Staffer He Had Affair With

Teary-Eyed Specter Predicts "I Expect To Vote Many More Times"

REPORTER: This could potentially be your last time on the ballot. SEN. ARLEN SPECTER: I expect to vote many more times. I expect to be in the Senate a long time yet

Rand Paul: "The Government Is Out Of Control"

Rand Paul on the oil spill: "...It's international waters, so the government has to be involved in it, and I do want it to be safe and clean down there...I think there has to be rules about how things are done, and I think there are plenty of rules. I'm not sure if any rules were broken, or if this just turns out that this was an accident."

2010: Blumenthal Says He "Did Not Serve In Vietnam"

The Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) campaign is releasing this video from March 2010 where he says: "serving in the United States military gave me a perspective as well, even in the reserves although I did not serve in Vietnam." However, speaking at an event in 2008,

Miss Oklahoma USA Reacts To Pageant: It Was A Loaded Question

Miss Oklahoma USA agrees the judge asking her about Arizona's illegal immigration law gave her a loaded question. Watch the question and how she answered here.

Beck: Potential For Abuse With Amended Miranda Rules

Glenn Beck discusses the debate over Miranda rights.

Olbermann Fact Checks Beck & Palin NRA Speeches

Countdown recaps Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin’s speeches at the NRA and refutes some issues covered.

Lincoln Unable To Vote Because She Already Submitted Absentee Ballot

Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) was caught in an embarrassing moment today as she was attempting to cast her ballot for a photo-op. However the voting roll indicated Lincoln already voted via absentee ballot.

Rep. Joe Sestak On Anti-Incumbent Mood

"This I do know, no body has faith in Washington, D.C.," Rep. joe Sestak (D-PA) said. On Specter: "He's kind of a poster child for what Washington, D.C. has become over a generation of politicians who literally at times will take a poll before taking a position or even change a party's own position and that type of political career politician,

Specter Makes Final Election Plea, Bashes Tea Party And Gold Standard

Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) says the tea party has "taken over" the Republican party platform. "They want to eliminate the Department of Education. We know what happened to Bennett [in Utah], what happened to Crist [in Florida]," Specter said. "They want to go back to the gold standard," Specter bemoaned. Arlen Specter says he will su

Matthews: Obama Should Nationalize Oil Industry

The chief electronics technician on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig told "60 Minutes" that there were known problems with the blowout preventer in the weeks leading up to the accident. Kate Sheppard, environmental reporter for Mother Jones, and Abrahm Lustgarten with ProPublica join to discuss.

Krauthammer: Voters Are More Anti-Obama Than Anti-Incumbent

Charles Krauthammer on Tuesday's primary elections: "I think what is more likely is that it's basically anti-big government, anti-Obama, anti-the left wing agenda. It's not so much anti-incumbent. That's an element of it. But I think the major element of this campaign is the pressure from the right."

Trey Grayson On KY Senate Race, Oil Spill

KY Senate Candidate Trey Grayson (R) said if he wins it isn't due to Mitch McConnell's endorsement and if he loses it isn't due to McConnell's endorsement. He also says Ron Paul has helped his opponent Rand Paul raise a lot of money from out of state sources. Mr. Grayson also commented on the oil spill and what the government should do. "This

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